Group of death claims a victim..

A guest post by Tom Harle The knights of St. George fell last night in their Brazilian crusade. Those brave, if fundamentally misguided, pioneers. The dull grey chainmail is clinging, oppressive; the shining sword blunt. The flag under which they march does not liberate them, but exerts a terrific tyranny paralysing performance and expression. As the death knell sounds on their World Cup campaign with defeat against Uruguay, England have once again proven themselves specialists in failure...
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The American Dream

A guest post by Bradley Canfield It was on December 6th 2013, when the United States dream had to turned into a nightmare. It was the day of the final group drawing for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The day the United States would learn they would be facing Ghana, Portugal, and Germany this summer. This was the day that most people had given up on the United States, and we said it is impossible and...
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The end of an era…..

Ramos, Pedro: ” It’s not the end of an era”…. Yes, yes it is. I am sorry.Based on Spain vs. Chile and Spain’s previous match, we cannot conclude anything else than that Spain’s reign is over. Spain has dominated international football for the past 6-8 years. The Spanish clubs (mainly FC Barcelona) and the Spanish national team have won a lot of titles with a generation of players who are now past their glory days. Tiki-taka The Spanish...
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Have we overestimated Brazil?

The second round of the group stage is underway and we’ve seen two teams play their second match. Brazil and Mexico. For the second time, Brazil had a lot of trouble with their opponent and this time no presents were given (all though Marcelo tried to lure the ref into giving a penalty with a nice dive). The match ended in 0-0 and Brazil is now first in group A on equal points with Mexico. But that...
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Scottish fans snub England at the World Cup

England got defeated by Italy in their first match in group D. You might think that the entire United Kingdom felt sad after the match. But no no. Not the entire UK. Just to be clear, the UK consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Only England is currently playing in the World Cup and you would think that the latter three countries would support the only UK nation at the World Cup. As mentioned earlier:...
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Support the Children of Brazil #SaferFuture

The World Cup started a week ago and so far we’ve enjoyed Brazil and what is going on over there. Great matches, great goals, I’m enjoying myself. But let’s not forget what is also going on in Brazil. We’ve all heard about the unrest among the Brazilian people who are unhappy with the state of the nation and the billions of dollars going to the World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. But in my opinion, little attention...
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Red card to World Cup referees and FIFA

So farI am really enjoying the World Cup. Compared to previous editions, we’ve seen a lot of goals, attractive matches and battles on the pitch. We’ve seen some major upsets: the Netherlands thrashing Spain, Costa Rica surprising Uruguay and Germany makes clear who’s the boss in group G by beating Ronaldo & Co with 4-0. Also, the mental strength of some teams is remarkable. Until now we’ve seen five teams coming back from behind and take three...
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Dress for the World Cup

So the World Cup is well underway now and it is time to dress for the occasion. The guys at LushTShirts have a nice collection to choose from. They offer World Cup T-shirts inspired by nations and previous World Cup. Like this 1966 World Cup final shirt. One of my favourites is this one. You can wear it when you´re watching the World Cup with friends who normally don´t watch football and will probably say something stupid during the game. And then...
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5 Reasons why Argentina will win the World Cup

In the shadow Before the World Cup, the focus has been on teams like Brazil, Spain and Germany. One of these teams will become the next world champion, that is what people thought. Focus brings pressure and when the focus is not on you, you don’t experience a lot of pressure. That is the situation Argentina is in. It is a real advantage not being in the top 3 candidates for the championship, while having a team...
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Group C Preview

GROUP C – “The Cauldron of Initiation” Overview: At least two teams from Group C are very likely to become memorable surprise teams in this tournament. The priority candidates are hyper-talented Colombia, even if Falcao is missing, and carefully put-together Japan. Seeing Vidal as a tourist against Australia yesterday makes me think that Colombia might actually be better off without superstar Falcao if he is not fit. Three excellent centre forwards will compete to fill his role...
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Spain torn to pieces by the Netherlands

A match report by Tom Harle, UK The look on Pepe Reina’s face summed it all up. He rubbed his eyes, in sheer disbelief, as if to rouse himself from the most torrid of nightmares. When he looked out from the relative confines of the bench, what he saw was not defeat, but desolation. The shock, then the resignation. A performance that bastardised the standards set over the last three major tournaments; weak on gumption and virtually...
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Toni’s Day 2 Chronicle: “The Fall of Champions”

Day 2 Chronicle: “The Fall of Champions” Summary: Some who had been carefully watching team form and progress predicted that Holland would beat Spain, no one predicted the 5-1 demolition on the day. Elsewhere torrential rain could not hide more inadequate refereeing, and tropical heat saw Chile a bit too close and sweaty for comfort with a physical and interesting Australia. Best goal: Today one of the best goals of all World Cup History was scored. Robbie...
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Group B Preview

GROUP B – “The Big Battering” Overview: Both of 2010’s finalists, one of the most capable underdogs have to play each other and significantly less talented cartilage crunchers Australia. The unexpected is likely here, as this is a group where every minute of every game will count towards the outcome. While everyone is anticipating tonight’s Spain Holland, it might well end up being a messy affair with both teams not currently at their best. In fact, if...
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